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Forbidden Dreams - $1.49 - Italian erotic thriller.
Haunting of Hell House, The - $1.49 - Classic gothic horror
Howling III: The Marsupials- $ .99 - Hit horror movie series.
To Sleep With A Vampire - $1.49 - Roger Corman movie
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All wholesale sci-fi dvds are New, Factory Sealed in standard size cases with original artwork and packaging.  All wholesale dvds are official releases, not imports or copies.  DVDs are Region 1 (Coded for US/Canada).  We carry over 1,500 different titles and stock is always changing.

      Name Price Quantity
      A.E. Apocalypse Earth
    Release Year: 2013 Starring: Adrian Paul , Richard Grieco UPC: 686340300538 Version: NR, WS
      Almighty Thor
    Release Year: 2011 Starring: Cody Deal, Kevin Nash, Patricia Velasquez, Richard Grieco UPC: 686340262768 Version: NR, WS
      Classic Sci-Fi TV : 150 Episodes (12 Discs)
    Release Year: 2009 Starring: Ray Corrigan, Boris Karloff, Steve Holland, George Reeves, John Newland UPC: 826831070520 Version: NR, 12 Disc Set
      Close Encounters of the Third Kind (2 Discs)
    Release Year: 2001 Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, François Truffaut, Teri Garr, Melinda Dillon, Bob Balaban UPC: 043396126497 Version: PG, WS, 2 Disc Collectors Edition
      Dark Crystal, The (25th Anniversary Edition) (2 Discs)

    Release Year: 2007 Starring: Jim Henson, Kathryn Mullen, Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire UPC: 043396185807 Version: PG, 2 Disc Set

      Dragon Crusaders
    Release Year: 2011 Starring: Dylan Jones, Cecily Fay, Tony Sams, Karl Greenwood, Shinead Byrne UPC: 686340268845 Version: NR, WS
      Journey To The Center Of The Earth
    Release Year: 2008 Starring: Greg Evigan, Dedee Pfeiffer UPC: Version:
      Land That Time Forgot, The (686340232648)
    Release Year: 2009 Starring: Timothy Bottoms, C. Thomas Howell, Lindsey McKeon, Stephen Blackehart, Darren Dalton UPC: 686340232648 Version: NR, WS
      Last Woman on Earth / Invasion of the Bee Girls
    Release Year: 2008 Starring: Victoria Vetri UPC: 011891985147 Version: NR
      Lost World, The / Return to The Lost World
    Release Year: 2012 Starring: John Rhys-Davies UPC: 683904527424 Version: PG, FF
      Magma: Volcanic Disaster
    Release Year: 2006 Starring: Xander Berkeley, Amy Jo Johnson, David ODonnell, George R. Sheffey, Michael Durrell UPC: 043396172098 Version: PG-13, WS
      Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus (Not Sealed)
    Release Year: 2012 Starring: Jaleel White, Gary Stretch, Sarah Lieving, and Robert Picardo UPC: 686340251762 Version: R, Unsealed / New without shrink wrap - Priced Accordingly
      Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus
    Release Year: Starring: Deborah Gibson, Lorenzo Lamas UPC: 686340223530 Version:
      Nazis at the Center of the Earth
    Release Year: 2012 Starring: Dominique Swain, Jake Busey UPC: 686340267237 Version:

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